Conservation Practices

A Sustainable Future

Conservation is not just about water and soil. It is about all our natural resources. Man depends on nature to survive. At TJD True Organics we practice conservation at a very high level.

Conservation Building

From the green communities to the hydroponic systems we build, we are determined to preserve the planet by utilizing renewable resources wherever possible.

As the planet warms we are losing vital resources in the rain forests and even in our farming communities. The potential for self destruction and the potential to stop it lies solely in mankind's hands. Basically we believe that to protect a business we must protect nature. This is a fundamental practice at TJD True Organics. An organic formula is the recipe for sustainability. All of our structures are built with an emphasis on environmental protection and sustainability. This does not diminish the quality of our products. Just the opposite. It ensures they will last long into the future.

We practice what the worlds top executives are just now spouting:
It is time to adopt natural climate solutions. It is a known and proven fact that companies that promote green business practices out perform those who don't

Clean Up The Business (clean up the planet)

At TJD True Organics we know how vital a clean environment is where are food supply is concerned. That is why all our facilities and communities are built with conservation structured materials. We utilize clean energy and even use bio-digestion (anaerobic digesters) for our sewage systems. This stops the need for heavy sewage systems and actually converts the waste to a bio-fuel.

Our conservation practice continues with the recovery of 60% of the water used in our hydroponic systems. Add to this the use of alternative energy that we sell the surplus to the local energy companies. ( It is now the policy in over 28 states that the utility companies have to buy it back from you.)

Conservation In The Workplace

Does your procurement department practice conservation in their purchasing procedures? Let TJD True Organics show you how to improve your procurement of the products you need. In most cases we can provide environmentally friendly products from paper to cleaning products.

If you are interested in beginning the process of conservation in your workplace then Contact Us Today.