A New Approach To Agriculture

Modular Grow Systems

At TJD True Organics we understand the challenges faced by large hydroponics systems who grow a diverse number of crops and therefore have to provide a diverse environment. We also understand that when a section of your product has problems you either have to destroy the crop or find a way to isolate it from the rest of your plants.

With our modular grow systems we make that challenge simple.

When issues occur on modular farms, the user simply unplugs the grow chamber from the “chain” or “bank” of units and the rest of the garden continues operating as if nothing went wrong. Problems can easily be isolated and addressed, as compared to conventional controlled environment commercial operations.

At harvest time, there is often a lag in the production line because the grow system and corresponding space must be cleaned before new plants arrive. Modular systems provide a means to mobilize the plants, removing them for harvest and cleanup. The obvious advantage to this capability is the empty space that has been created in the garden, which can quickly be replaced with a fresh crop, ready for production.

Modular systems also offer the chance to keep a plant or group of plants in place but disconnected from the others and fed on a different schedule or regimen if necessary. Finally, perhaps the largest benefit offered by modular grow systems is the ability to spread out the typical burdens brought about by harvest time, allowing for businesses and their labor demands to more easily operate on a weekly or daily schedule instead.

Quick Connect Fittings

Quick-connect fittings are unique in that they clamp onto tubing for a watertight fit and they just as easily unclamp for disassembly. Due to their durability and versatility, they are ideal for use in modular hydroponics and aeroponics.

Complete large-scale modular farm can be built with repeatability, reusing the same tubing components and quick-connect fittings over and over again throughout the garden. Modern growers that maintain high crop turnover for the highest profitability understand the need to keep things moving, and by using modular components such as quick-connect fittings, this can be achieved with little or no downtime.

Another reason to use these components is for easy cleanup that occurs simultaneously instead of in between crops. This valuable capacity, maximizing competitive advantage, is utilized by commercial modular farms to increase efficiency by purchasing extra sets of quick-connect fittings to use in production while the old sets are being cleaned.

Extreme adaptability for all contingencies is our approach and we offer you the opportunity to take our proprietary system and make you hydroponic facility thrive. Our systems incorporate wind solar and water recovery systems that far surpass anything on the market today.

Ring Grow™

Ring Grow™ gives you the ability to grow grains such as corn and oats in a soiless culture. This proprietary system allows for the grain crop to be supported as it grows and is a nutrient based structure that dissipates and expands as the plant grows.

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