Hydroponic Components

Our research shows that growing produce in a "true organic" culture is a positive towards a healthy sustainable environment.

Our hydroponic systems are designed in a "true organic" culture. This means the products and systems are organic in their design from the components we use to the property we choose and the systems we use to power the facility. We only use alternative energy systems like wind and solar. We recover 60% of the water we use and recycle and purify it for use over and over.


Chanzon High Power Led Chip 30W Deep Red Plant Grow Light (650nm-660nm / Input 900mA / DC 20V-24V / 30 Watt) SMD COB Emitter Diode Components DIY Hydroponic/Flower Growing Lamps

AC Infinity CLOUDLINE S6, Quiet 6” Inline Duct Fan with Speed Controller - Ventilation Exhaust Fan for Heating Cooling Booster, Grow Tents, Hydroponics

Superior Pump 91250 Utility Pump, 1/4 HP, Black

MARS HYDRO SP 250 Led Grow Lights Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants Veg and Flower Hydroponic Greenhouse Water Proof Dimmable Commercial LED Growing Lamps 2x4ft Two for 4x4ft Coverage

LEDwholesalers GYO2102 Hydroponic Grow Light 24-Hour Timer

1200W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum, Plant Grow Light with Veg and Bloom Switch for Hydroponic Indoor Plants KOSCHEAL LED Grow Lamp with Daisy Chain

Emsco Group 2370 Hydropickers Compact 24” x 20” Footprint – Mobility Provided by Casters Non-Electric Hydroponics Grow Box, Blue

Yield Lab 36” x 24” x 60” 2-in-1 Full Cycle Reflective Plant Grow Tent with Viewing Windows and Flood Trays – Hydroponic Horticulture Growing Tent for Herbs, Spices, Fruits and Vegetables